Business Profile: Julienne Sushi adds new, different flavor to Etown community

Jennifer Beihoff February 1, 2018 0

Julienne Sushi is a seafood restaurant and sushi bar centrally located at 19 East High Street, just off South Market Street, in the heart of Elizabethtown. After a year of renovations, the shop opened its doors late last spring. Since its May 31, 2017 opening, Julienne Sushi has been committed to providing customers with a variety of healthy and delicious seafood and sushi options. The restaurant is unique because it is not affiliated with any large corporation. It is completely family-owned and operated by Tim and Brandy Klunk.

Prior to opening Julienne Sushi, Tim Klunk was a student at the Pennsylvania School of Culinary Arts. Since graduation from the school of culinary arts, he has had a lot of work experience involving food preparation. Some of his more recent positions include being a chef at The Mill and being a lead line cook at Devon Seafood and Grill, which are both located in the nearby town of Hershey.

Klunk feels that all his work experiences have ultimately helped him to make the decision to open Julienne Sushi. However, his more recent job experiences have had the greatest influence on his desire to open his own seafood restaurant. In fact, he first learned how to roll and prepare sushi during his tenure at Devon Seafood and Grill.

“The idea behind opening Julienne Sushi was to introduce something different to the Elizabethtown community,” Klunk said.

Julienne Sushi is easily able to differentiate itself just by the sheer nature of the type of food that they sell. There are not many seafood restaurants around Etown, so the shop has proven to be a great addition to the town. One quality that Julienne Sushi prides itself on is that all the food served is fresh and made to order.

“Nothing is ever sitting around waiting to be consumed,” Brandy Klunk said. The restaurant is unique in the fact that it is one of the only places in Central Pennsylvania (if not the only) that smokes its meats on the premises.

The restaurant has a variety of menu options. In fact, in addition to seafood, the restaurant offers sandwiches, salads, soups and desserts. These alternative options are great for those who do not necessarily care for seafood, but still want to enjoy eating out.

Some of the restaurant’s best-selling products include the shrimp tempura roll, the eel roll and the poke bowl. It also features a pulled pork sushi roll, the spicy lobster roll and the smoked duck crostini. The restaurant owners are always thinking of new ideas and will be rolling out (no pun intended) with some new menu items soon. Some of the new additions to the menu will include new sushi rolls, as well as some new rice and noodle dishes.

Julienne Sushi is conveniently located within walking distance of the College. The restaurant is open six days out of the week (Monday-Saturday) from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m. If you choose to dine in, there are plenty of seating choices. Inside, the shop is split into two different seating arrangements, bar seating and table seating. The shop is also painted a beautiful shade of blue, which creates a very calm and simple atmosphere. There are a lot of healthy menu options available for great prices! They even have a 10 percent discount for students of the College, seniors and those who served in the military. Also, be on the lookout for weekly deals, which can be found on the front door or on their Facebook page.

If you are short on time, Julienne Sushi also offers takeout and delivery options. Takeout is available Monday through Saturday (12-9 p.m.), while delivery is available Thursday through Saturday (12-9 p.m.). Just call 717-205-6283.


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